Baby Cushion

Baby Cushion

The most adorable baby cushion, we say baby cushion but this little one can add sparkle to any bed room. A beautiful design of Issan Silk designed to offset your existing decor, give a gift from the heart, a gift hand crafted, a gift hand stitched in Australia. 

Made with love, made for relaxing.
  • Details

    Material: Ground Lounge are either 100% Handmade Cotton Fabric or Issan Silk.
    Please Note: Colours are subject to availability, colours are subject to change.

    Care Instructions:
    Avoid direct lengthy periods of sunlight.
    Do not soak, bleach, tumble dry or dry clean.
    Spot clean only.

    If you LOVE this product and wish to make a purchase please choose your favourite choice of material with the letter and leave us a love note with your letter. Much Love x
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