Minmino Deluxe

Minmino Deluxe

The Minmino Deluxe is our super stylish fifteen roll triangle support with one mattress, we absolutely love this one and we know you will too. The stand out Minmino Deluxe offers extra width and height, the Minmino Deluxe are perfect for children, breast feeding mothers and adults who want to lounge without falling asleep! Relax with your favourite music, feel the ground under your feet and enjoy life from another point of view.
A home favourite available in five elegant designs, maybe one of each colour? A real gathering show stopper!
Hand crafted, Hand stitched in Australia.

Made with love, Made for relaxing
  • Details

    When Folded: Approx. 50cm x 50cm x 50cm
    Fully extended: Approx.
    Material: Ground Lounge are either 100% Handmade Cotton Fabric or Issan Silk.
    Please Note: Colours are subject to availability, colours are subject to change.

    Care Instructions:
    Avoid direct lengthy periods of sunlight.
    Do not soak, bleach, tumble dry or dry clean.
    Spot clean only.

    If you LOVE this product and wish to make a purchase please choose your favourite choice of material with the letter and leave us a love note with your letter. Much Love x
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