Stalmino Ground Lounge

Stalmino Ground Lounge

The Stalmino Ground Lounge is our ultimate lounger, this practical daybed is the perfect lounger offering full support to the body whilst being used as a lounge. The Stalmino Ground Lounge is a ten roll triangle with three mattress, offering extra versatility with the third mat as it is able to be used as a chair in one easy step, making the Stalmino our most practical ground lounge.
This is a luxury must have available in six elegant designs product for all ages, a perfect summer edition adding new life to your style. Why not, reshuffle your furniture this season, ground yourself, connect with a new point of view, you will never look back!
Hand crafted, Hand stitched in Australia.

Made with love, Made for relaxing.
  • Details

    When Folded: Approx 50cm x 45cm x 50cm
    Fully extended: Approx 180cm
    Material: Ground Lounge are either 100% Handmade Cotton Fabric or Issan Silk.
    Please Note: Colours are subject to availability, colours are subject to change.

    Care Instructions:
    Avoid direct lengthy periods of sunlight.
    Do not soak, bleach, tumble dry or dry clean.
    Spot clean only.

    If you LOVE this product and wish to make a purchase please choose your favourite choice of material with the letter and leave us a love note with your letter. Much Love x
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